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Conservation Genetics Resources

Chris Merkord
  • Conservation Genetics Resources Conserv. Genet. Res. http://link.springer.com/journal/12686 http://link.springer.com/search.rss?facet-content-type=Article&facet-journal-id=12686&channel-name=Conservation%20Genetics%20Resources

    Conservation Genetics Resources promotes the conservation of genetic diversity and advances the study of conservation genetics through the rapid publication of technical papers and reviews on methodological innovations and improvements, computer programs and genomic resources. The journal publishes primer notes, genomic resources such as SNP markers, methodological papers, computer package descriptions, technical review papers and application essays.

    International Journal Active 2009 Four times per year 1877-7252 1877-7260 http://link.springer.com/journal/volumesAndIssues/12686 ALL: 1-current (2009- ) Springer
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