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Conservation Genetics

Chris Merkord
  • Conservation Genetics Conserv. Genet. http://link.springer.com/journal/10592 http://link.springer.com/search.rss?facet-content-type=Article&facet-journal-id=10592&channel-name=Conservation%20Genetics

    Our new journal, Conservation Genetics Resources has been established specifically to provide the rapid publication of technical papers on methodological innovations or improvements, computer programs and genomic resources including, but not limited to, novel microsatellite loci. As a result, Conservation Genetics will no longer be accepting these technical notes, but Conservation Genetics Resources is now accepting papers for review. Conservation Genetics promotes genetic diversity by providing a forum for data and ideas, aiding the further development of this area of study. Contributions cover population genetics, molecular ecology and biology, evolutionary biology, and systematics, among others. The focus is on genetic and evolutionary applications to problems of conservation, reflecting the diversity of concerns relevant to conservation biology. The journal publishes full research papers, review papers, short communications, and methodological notes including lab methods, computer programs & models, and PCR primers. The broad-ranging coverage includes:

    • Identification of hybrid species, hybridization in native populations, and introgression between species
    • Genetic structure of natural and managed populations
    • Variation in small or endangered populations
    • Reproductive strategy where natural behavior patterns are thought to have been disrupted
    • Forensic applications for control of trade in endangered species,

    and much more.

    International Journal Active 2000 Four times per year 1566-0621 1572-9737 http://link.springer.com/journal/volumesAndIssues/10592 ALL: 1-current (2000- ) Springer
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