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Chris Merkord
  • Bellbird Bellbird FAUNA Paraguay http://www.faunaparaguay.com/journal.html

    "BELLBIRD", the FAUNA Paraguay Journal is an online journal devoted to articles about Paraguayan fauna. We take advantage of the fact that internet publishing is so quick and easy by publishing articles as soon as they have been reviewed and considered fit for submission - unlike printed journals we do not have to wait for enough submissions to justify an issue and so all the articles are "hot off the press!" Articles are referenced to species in the image gallery where appropriate.


    A unique feature of the Bellbird journal is the potential for including video footage of behaviours or processes described in the text, a facility that we hope authors will take full advantage of.


    Submissions are welcomed. They should be of a high quality, in English or Spanish , factually accurate and fully-referenced. We encourage submissions from both professional scientists and interested amateurs and hope that this will become a medium for the sharing and development of knowledge of the magnificent Paraguayan fauna. Articles should be illustrated with photographs wherever appropriate.

    English Spanish National , Paraguay, Journal Active 2006 Irregular http://www.faunaparaguay.com/journal.html 1-4 (2006-2010) Fauna Paraguay
Revista Cientifica de Zoología de Paraguaya, Journal of Paraguayan Zoology
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