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Animal Migration

Chris Merkord
  • Animal Migration Anim. Migr. http://versita.com/am/ http://www.degruyter.com/dg/rssalerts/$002fj$002fami/Animal$0020Migration/toc/NaN

    Animal Migration is an international journal that publishes cutting-edge research on the biology of migratory species. We strive to present a forum where all aspects of migratory biology can be discussed, from genetics and physiology to ecosystem-level interactions between migrants and their environment and everything in between. We encourage authors from all over the globe to submit articles to our journal, since migration is a world-wide phenomenon.



    Animal Migration publishes research on all species and all aspects of migration biology, keeping readers up to date on developments in non-focal species and systems.

    We publish articles about new technologies and methods for studying migratory animals, providing readers with techniques they can use in their focal systems.

    We feature research performed by individuals all over the globe, helping readers to connect with potential collaborators and correspondents.


    Animal Migration aims to present high-impact, integrative research on migration biology.

    Our peer-review process is streamlined, and papers can be published rapidly when necessary.

    We use double-blind peer-review.

    We provide free language editing for individuals for whom English is not a first language.

    English International Journal Active 2012 2084-8838 http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/ami.2012.1.issue/issue-files/ami.2012.1.issue.xml 1-current (2012-present) VERSITA
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