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Wader Study Group Bulletin

Chris Merkord
  • Wader Study Group Bulletin Wader Study Group Bull. International Wader Study Group http://www.waderstudygroup.org/publications/bulletin/

    Wader Study Group Bulletin is the former journal of the International Wader Study Group. The last volume (121) was published in December 2014. Since January 2015 the Bulletin is continued to be published as Wader Study. The volume numbers were continued, making the first volume of Wader Study, number 122.

    English International Journal Active 1970 2014 Three times per year Wader Study 0260-3799 BIOSIS Previews Zoological Record http://sora.unm.edu/node/216 1-105 (1970-2000) SORA http://www.waderstudygroup.org/pubs/wsgbull/content.php 106-121 (2005-2014) International Wader Study Group
The international journal of shorebird science
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