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The Sunbird

Chris Merkord
  • Sunbird Sunbird Queensland Ornithological Society http://birdsqueensland.org.au/sunbird.php http://search.informit.com.au/rss;res=IELHSS;issn=1037-258X

    The Sunbird is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year by the Queensland Ornithological Society Incorporated (Birds Queensland). Its aim is to promote the scientific study and conservation of birds, with particular reference to the birds of Queensland, and in this it is the sole ornithological journal devoted specifically to birds of Queensland and adjacent northern regions of Australia. It commenced publication in 1970. The scope of the journal covers all aspects of ornithology, e.g. life history, taxonomy, distribution, behaviour and ecology. The editors welcome contributions from researchers and bird watchers. Papers may take the form of major articles on specific birds, birds in specific areas or habitats, short notes on birds, or notes on the literature on birds, such as reviews of books or comments on published articles. All submissions except for book reviews and other opinion pieces are reviewed by independent referees.

    English English Sub-national , Australia, Journal Active 1970 Two times per year 1037-258X http://search.informit.com.au/browseJournalTitle;res=IELHSS;issn=1037-258X 1–current (1970–present) Informit
Journal of the Queensland Ornithological Society
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