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The Adjutant

Chris Merkord
  • Adjutant Adjutant Army Ornithological Society http://www.armybirding.org.uk/resources/adjutant/

    The Adjutant was published from 1968 (volume 1) to 1999 (volume 28) by the Army Ornithological Society (AOS). At that time, the AOS and the Royal Air Force Ornithological Society (RAFOS) began to publish a join publication named Osprey (Armed Forces Bird Watching & Ornithological Journal) and the AOS ceased publication of The Adjutant. In 2008 the RAFOS made it known that it could no longer continue publication of Osprey due to lack of funding. The AOS voted in summer 2008 to re-establish The Adjutant and simultaneously merge it with the AOS's other publication, the Bulletin (Walker 2008, The Adjutant). The first volume of the restarted publication was volume 29, published in 2008.

    English International Newsletter Active 1968 Once per year 0963-2239 500126347 http://www.armybirding.org.uk/resources/adjutant/ vol.29–vol.33 (2008–2012) AOS
Journal of the Army Ornithological Society
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