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Pacific Seabirds

Chris Merkord
  • Pacific Seabirds Pac. Seab. Pacific Seabird Group http://pacificseabirdgroup.org/index.php?f=pub_pacificseabirds&t=Pacific%20Seabirds&s=1

    Pacific Seabirds is the official publication of the Pacific Seabird Group (PSG). Published in the spring and fall, content includes news of interest to PSG members, reports of regional seabird research, technical articles and reviews, a forum for the expression of views, conservation news, abstracts of papers presented at the meetings, book reviews, and artwork inspired by seabirds, and other marine-related topics.


    Pacific Seabirds did not publish research papers as of 1994, but currently does publish peer-reviewed scientific papers. If you know when this change occurred, please update this entry.

    English English International Journal Active 1994 Two times per year Pacific Seabird Group Bulletin 1089-6317 32186294 95659034 http://pacificseabirdgroup.org/index.php?f=pub_pacificseabirds&t=Pacific%20Seabirds&s=1 ALL: vol. 21–current (1994–present) Pacific Seabird Group
A Publication of the Pacific Seabird Group
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