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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies

Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies

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The journal deals with all aspects of non-radioactive isotope application in environmental and health studies, such as:

  • investigations using variations in natural isotope abundance (isotope ecology, isotope hydrology, isotope geology)
  • stable isotope tracer techniques to follow the fate of certain substances in soil, water, plants, animals and in the human body
  • isotope effects, tracer theory, and mathematical modelling of environmental cycles
  • isotope measurement methods and equipment with respect to environmental and health research
  • diagnostic (stable) isotope application in medicine
  • ionogenic radiation exposure and its effects on all living matter as well as radiation in protection.


  • Language: English
  • Language for Abstracts: English
  • Geographic Scope: International
  • Countries Covered: NA

Publication Information

  • Type: Journal
  • Status: Active
  • Years: 1995–present
  • Frequency: Four times per year
  • Impact factor: 0.767 (2012)
  • Preceding title: Isotopenpraxis

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