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A complete list of ornithology-related serials including journals, proceedings, bulletins, newsletters, and magazines. The primary objectives of the list are to provide links to online content, to catalogue the history of ornithological serials, and to aide would-be researchers in discovering new sources of information.

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Ornithological Journals

251 Serials

Journals of Interest to Ornithologists

66 Serials


What types of publications are included?

This list includes only serials, which are publications "in any medium, issued in successive parts, usually having numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued with no predetermined end." following the ISO 3297 standard. For ornithologists, this generally includes journals, proceedings, bulletins, magazines, and newsletters. The list does not include monographs (i.e. books). For monographs, see our Books database.

What are these categories?

We divide the list of serials into categories. The first category contains serials devoted entirely or predominantly to birds or to organizations related to birds. The second category contains journals of which publish articles related to birds, but which also publish on other subjects.

Who maintains this list?

In a word, you! This list is open-access wiki-style resource maintained by the members of this site, i.e. the ornithological community as a whole. Anyone may use it, and anyone may add to or edit it. Of course you have to sign in, but anyone may register for an account.