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Wildlife Rehabilitaion Summer Student Volunteers


Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society


Merville, BC



Last Date to Apply:

31 Dec 2017


Every year the MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre offers young aspirational wildlife caregivers an opportunity to come to MARS to get hands on experience working with injured, ill or orphaned wildlife.
We accept student volunteer applications all year round. These are unpaid positions and are filled on a six-week rotating basis over for the four time periods listed below:


April 15 – May 31
June 1 – July 15
July 16 – August 31
September 1 – October 15


What am I getting myself into?
Spring, summer and early autumn are what we call Baby Bird and Fawn Season and is when we receive the greatest number of patients. Be forewarned, work at the wildlife centre can be very demanding! In the summer, our skilled caregivers typically work from 8am-10pm, with occasional 4am feedings. A summer student can expect to be involved in all aspects of the rehabilitation process although your main responsibility will be diet preparation, feeding and cleaning. You will also be expected to take part in animal and bird rescues and releases, administer treatments, participate in building projects and grounds maintenance and participate in our community outreach program. The schedule at MARS can be intense, but you will also be given time to enjoy the beautiful scenery Vancouver Island has to offer. The wildlife centre offers very basic housing and occasionally some meals, but for the most part you will be responsible for your own food. The wildlife centre is staffed by two dedicated rehabilitators and many volunteers. As a summer student you will become part of a team of like-minded people and will be treated with respect and friendship.


Previous wildlife experience is not a prerequisite. Come here prepared to give 100% to our wild patients and you will have an extraordinary experience.
If this interests you, please print the application form on our website and mail it with a resume and a short essay outlining your reasons for applying to:
MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre, P.O. Box 415, Merville, BC, Canada, V0R 2M0