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Volunteer at Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre South Africa


Intern Africa


South Africa


South Africa

Last Date to Apply:

01 Jan 2018


Assist the wildlife rehabilitation centre in the daily care of the injured, orphaned animals.

Your day begins at 07:00: where you will meet at the clinic. This is when you will join your feeding team and attend to your animals. These jobs will usually keep you busy until 08.30 AM when we all meet outside the clinic and walk down to the Forest Camp for breakfast (This is a Camp for private guests).

Breakfast: Starts at 08:30 and stretches to approximately 09:30. As soon as everyone has finished breakfast, all walk back up to the clinic. Daily meeting in clinic at 09:30: During this meeting all the days jobs and activities are discussed, this is also a time for any concerns or questions to be raised, regarding any interests or something you do not understand or are unhappy about. You are most welcome to speak to one of the staff members privately as well, as it is very important if you want your stay to be a happy one, and the aim is for you to go away feeling you have achieved something.

Lunch: Officially starts at 12:30. A picnic type lunch is brought to the common room and it officially ends at 14:00.

14:00: You go to the clinic for any remaining jobs. If, however, there are no jobs to be done then there are plenty of animals at the rehab that benefit enormously from human attention and stimulation.

15h30: Afternoon feeding rounds start. Volunteers can go back to the cottage after these rounds are done. In the afternoons, they also do a ‘vulture run’ where the wild vultures are being fed on the reserve, and every other day the cheetahs in the centre are being fed.

Dinner: Meeting at the Rangers Cottage at 18:45 where you will depart for dinner. After arrival at the camp you are welcome to help yourself to tea and coffee.

Dinner Out: There will be occasions when there is a option to go to a local restaurant as a change, but this will be at your own cost. You will also be eating out at the restaurant’ once a week which will replace the usual dinner at Forrest Camp, and there will be no extra charge for this meal. But there is a lot of hard work involved as well.

Send an email to info@intern-africa.eu

Qualifications: No qualifications necessary!

Website: http://www.intern-africa.eu

Contact: Anouk, anouk@intern-africa.eu