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Seasonal Brown-headed Cowbird field biologist


University of Illinois


Fort Hood


United States

Last Date to Apply:

31 Dec 2017
Open until filled


Primary Position Function/Summary (1-2 sentence summary): Conduct management of the formerly endangered Black-capped Vireos (Vireo atricapilla) at Fort Hood Military Installation and offsite locations in Texas.
Major Duties and Responsibilities (detailed duties):

  • Operate up to 35 cowbird traps
  • Locate and monitor traps at sites that optimize target captures and minimize non-targets captures
  • Organize and maintain a supplies, seed, and water cache
  • Mow herbaceous vegetation around traps with a gas-powered weed trimmer
  • Collect and accurately record and verify data
  • Operate a 4 wheel drive motor vehicle on unimproved roads


When working, the employee may be exposed to a variety of environmental factors to include, but not limited to, hot or cold weather, exposure to noise and allergens, and uneven ground. In performing the functions of this position, the employee may be subjected to various mental and physical demands as well to include, but not limited to, independently traveling to and performing work at different locations using a government vehicle, lifting and moving items that may occasionally weigh up to forty (40) pounds and frequently weigh up to twenty (20) pounds, and twisting, pushing and pulling movements.

  • Required: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Preferred: Bachelor of Science in Biology or related field, relevant wildlife or biology coursework
  • Required: None
  • Preferred: Six months experience on Fort Hood, off-road driving, navigation with GPS, map


Training (needed to be considered for the position; do not include any on-the-job training needed):

  • Required: Valid state driver’s license
  • Preferred: Handling songbirds via nets and songbird euthanasia


Knowledge Requirements:

  • Required: None
  • Preferred: Bird identification by sight


A bachelor’s degree in a related field is required. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Once selected, applicants will be required to pass a background check before hiring is complete.


To apply, e-mail cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references to forthoodbhco2018@gmail.com. Applications are reviewed and positions offered as qualified applicants are received. Be sure to apply early for consideration.