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Point count survey Technician:


Suranaree University of Technology


Nakhon Ratchasima,



Last Date to Apply:

15 Jun 2017
Open until filled


The “Avian Diversity Project” in Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve, is seeking to recruit several short (3 or 6 months) and/or long-term volunteer on a rolling basis for ongoing diversity and behavioural research on the Avifauna. The project involves point count surveys at multiple locations in and around the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve in North East Thailand. This rewarding (yet physically challenging) position provides valuable field research experience in the field of avian diversity and conservation.
Volunteers must:
survey the data points on an everyday basis and record observed species and their behaviour with respect to the habitat structure and vegetation cover,
write weekly summaries of the identified and unidentified species, and to prepare a habitat wise checklist of birds on monthly basis,
communicate with local villagers in a friendly and non-intrusive manner,
record observed behaviours and go through video feeds from camera pictures,
be able and willing to work long hours in very warm and humid conditions.


23 years or older (exemption can be made for outstanding candidates),
Bachelor of Science in wildlife biology or related field.

Previous experience on bird identification (visual, calls and songs identification).

Ability to work independently while strictly following the protocol of the project and the research station.

Volunteers need to be fit (able to walk more than 10 km in a day).

Health Insurance,

Commitment of 6 months or more, (Exception internships students)

MUST be able to provide your own plane ticket to Thailand.

Housing and food are covered, however, volunteers will be living in close quarters with the other project assistant and research technicians at the research station or housing will be in cramped dorm-style housing with field technicians of other various projects on site. Wifi will also be provided at the station.
If interested, please email your resume to Dr. Archana Naithani (archana.naithani78@gmail.com) and list your earliest available date in your cover letter.