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Kirtland's Warbler Michigan Internships


Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center


Mio, MI


United States

Last Date to Apply:

16 Mar 2018


Kirtland’s Warbler Michigan Intern needed early May to late July. We are looking for one experienced field intern to assist with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s ongoing research on the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. We have two overlapping projects going on this year. We are looking for interns to help us relocate, capture, and find nests for birds that were radio-tagged in The Bahamas. These positions start ~May 1 and end ~July 15. These positions will involve driving each day to breeding sites, checking automated radio-towers for detections, relocating tagged birds using handheld and car-mounted telemetry, recapturing tagged birds, following adults to find nests, and checking nests every 3 days. Ideal candidates will have experience capturing, banding, and bleeding birds, radio-tracking, and finding nests through behavioral observations. Our second project entails a large-scale field experiment in which we will reduce the number of Brown-headed Cowbird traps across the breeding grounds and determine the resulting rates of nest parasitism. Fieldwork will involve closely following male and female Kirtland’s to find nests, nest monitoring, vegetation measurements around the nest, and cowbird surveys. Top applicants will have previous experience following songbirds to find nests, re-sighting small color banded birds, and conducting standardized point counts. Please clearly highlight your experience in these or related areas in your cover letter. To be successful in these positions, interns will need to be flexible, independently motivated, show strong initiative, and be willing and physically able to spend long days navigating dense stands of Jack Pines with cold mornings, hot afternoons, and buggy conditions 6 days per week for the duration of the season. Interns will be assigned to one of the projects based on their experience. Interns will receive a stipend of $400 per week and housing will be provided at no cost. Transportation to and from the nearest airport (if necessary) and while in the field will also be provided. To apply, please send a 1-page cover letter and a 1-3 page Resume/CV with contact information for 3 references as a single .pdf file to DR. NATHAN W. COOPER (EM: kiwajob AT gmail.com). Please put “Your_Last_Name Michigan Intern” in the subject line of the email.