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Field Biologist-Texas


University of Illinois


Fort Hood, Texas


United States

Last Date to Apply:

05 Jan 2018


The University of Illinois is seeking to fill two full-time seasonal biologist positions for the Adaptive and Integrative Management (AIM) program 2018 field season. The biologists will work as a team under the supervision of the AIM program manager and the crew leader. The AIM program is responsible for proactive management of at risk species and Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) research and monitoring on Fort Hood. Currently, the program’s focus is on pollinator and avian species in grassland habitats. Biologists must be able to work both independently and as a team, performing multi-disciplinary teamwork with biologists, contractors and Army personnel. Incumbent must be physically fit and able to stand or walk for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions. The typical work day will begin between the hours of 5:30 – 6:30 am, and end between the hours of 2-3 pm. There will be weekend and holiday work. Preference will be given to candidates that have experience identifying birds by sight and sound, are familiar with central Texas flora, and can identify local butterfly species. The successful applicant will be available to work starting April 2, 2018 and ending August 10, 2018. The pay rate is $13.50 per hour/40 hours a week. Biologists will:
• Conduct avian/pollinator count surveys using standardized methods.
• Identify birds/butterflies based on sight and/or sound with binoculars
• Use GPS units and other tools to determine exact locations of project areas and identify habitat types.
• Survey large scale projects for nesting birds, educate contractors and army personnel on MBTA laws and best management practices, interact with contractors and site workers, and manage and provide QA/QC.
• Conduct nest checks across the cantonment area in housing quarters, motor pools and buildings.
• Assist with native seed banking and greenhouse/garden maintenance.
• Meticulously maintain and organize all data sheets and keep a detailed field book of all daily activities and details about the data collected.
• Accurately enter all data into an excel spreadsheet daily.
• Maintain all field equipment: vehicles, GPS units, binoculars, range finders, PPE, etc.
• Assist with various outreach/environmental education events.




• A bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology or a related field.
• Significant experience with avian surveys.
• Excellent observational skills including good vision and hearing.
• Ability to work independently and interact effectively with project managers, clients, landowners, other technicians and agency personnel if applicable.
• Applicants must be well organized, provide strict attention to detail and have good communication skills.
• Be willing and able to work in potentially difficult field settings including inclement weather, rough terrain, etc.
• Valid driver’s license is required.
• Ability and willingness to drive in rough terrain.
• Background check will be conducted on final candidates.


To apply, please submit your letter of interest and resume to AIM.FortHood@gmail.com with “Field Biologist Position” in the subject line.
Applications are due by January 5, 2018.