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Birdstrike Identification


Feather Identification Lab at the Smithsonian




United States

Last Date to Apply:

01 Dec 2017


The Feather Identification Lab at the Smithsonian is currently looking for a one-year contractor to assist with all aspects of identifying birds involved in bird/aircraft collisions. The details of the position and instructions for submitting a quote are below. Please post to students or others who may be interested.


Carla Dove, Ph.D.
Program Manager
Feather Identification Lab
NHB E-600, MRC 116
PO Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013
w 202.633.0787 dovec@si.edu


Request for Quote (RFQ)


RFQ contractor recruit for NMNH Feather Identification Lab - Birdstrike Project


Date: 17 October 2017


This Request for Quote (RFQ) is issued by the Feather Identification Lab (FIL), Smithsonian Institution (SI), National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) for technical professional, non- personal services to provide assistance with all aspects involved in the identification of bird remains associated with bird-aircraft collisions (birdstrikes) in accordance with the attached Statement of Work.


Price quotes may be submitted via email to Dr. Carla Dove (mailto:Dovec@si.edu). Quotes are due by
1 December 2017


II. Description of Required Services


Project Description – Birdstrike Identification


The SI Feather Identification Lab (FIL) has a requirement for Research Assistance services. The award will consist of a Firm Fixed Price line item for one year.
The FIL operates through Interagency Agreements with the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct complex identifications of fragmentary bird and wildlife remains received from bird-aircraft collisions (birdstrikes). FIL processes nearly 10,000 identification (mainly avian) annually based on whole feather comparisons with museum specimens, microscopic expertise, and molecular analysis (DNA barcoding).
Identifications are completed to the lowest possible taxonomic level. On-line and manual reports are completed and archived for each agency. In order to process the increasing caseload (average of 30+ cases/working day), additional assistance is required to meet time- sensitive deadlines.
The purpose of this contract is to assist with workflow and processing of complex wildlife identifications conducted through the Feather Identification Lab. Work tasks require a full
understanding of operations of museum research collections and molecular laboratories, and the ability to assist current staff in all aspects of feather identification and research activities associated with the Feather Identification Program in the Division of Birds, Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Smithsonian Institution.
The project contractor will be responsible for providing the labor to complete all of the tasks listed in the attached Statement of Work. If the contractor does not own an appropriate Windows-based computer, the Smithsonian will provide access to Smithsonian-owned computers, but only on an as available basis. All museum supplies, and laboratory consumables, printers and network access will be provided by the Smithsonian.


The SI plans to award based on best value. The SI plans to award without discussions, however, does reserve the right to conduct discussions if later determined by the Contracting Officer to be necessary. All of the following factors are of equal importance. The SI plans to make one award as a result of this RFQ. Evaluation factors are:


A. Relevant Experience/Education
1. Relevant experience is that obtained within the past 3 years by providing or performing services of similar size, scope, complexity and type of client that indicates your suitability for this project as described in the Scope of Work.
a. Include a brief summary of your training and experience working with museum collections, knowledge of avian taxonomy, and if you have had any experience with specimen preparation.
b. Include a brief summary of your training and experience working with molecular projects, specifically involving birds.
c. Include a brief summary of your experience working as an independent contractor or self-employed individual.
d. Include a brief summary of your knowledge of Excel, other Microsoft data tools and molecular software applications.


B. Past Performance
1. Past Performance should be indicated by the following:
a. Provide a list of current or previous contracts with names of points of contact and their current telephone numbers who can answer specific questions on quality, workmanship and scheduling.
b. Provide contract periods of performance dates, dollar value, and brief description of the work performed.
c. Include at least two references covering the areas of experience specified above: working with museum collections, working with avian molecular projects, and working as an independent contractor.
C. Résumés. Submit a copy of your current resume, which should demonstrate your relevant experience and education level related to the tasks outlined in the Statement of Work.


D. Price. Provide a firm fixed price for an hourly rate for one year. This price shall include all costs. We estimate that this position will take approximately 40 hours per week for one year, however this amount is just an estimate. Seasonal fluctuations (bird migration) may take more time depending on the caseload. Please generate your quote accordingly based on 2000 working hours for the year.


E. SAM registration. Please provide current DUNs number and state whether you have an active SAM registration or if you are in process with the registration.


Individuals and companies that want to do business with U.S. government agencies, including the SI, are required to maintain active and valid registrations in the System for Award Management (SAM) system. We are informing you of this requirement because you have been requested to present pricing and/or proposals for goods or services. SI employees are not authorized to complete contract and purchase order awards to vendors whose SAM registrations cannot be verified as active. (See OCon 120 and “SAM walk-through,” attached).


Prospective contractors are required to have General Liability Insurance for $1,000,000. The SI must be listed as additional insured for the General Liability insurance. Proof of insurance must be submitted with quotes. Independent contractors under this RFQ may request to purchase insurance through the Smithsonian Institution Commercial General Liability for contractors if selected for an award. If you would like to purchase your insurance through the Smithsonian Institution policy, please indicate this information on your quote.




A DUNS number is a unique nine digit identification number available for each physical location of your business and is needed to register in the System for Award Management (SAM), formerly the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system (see Section VI of this RFQ). DUNS numbers are provided through Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) at no charge when you contact D&B via toll free telephone call to 1-866-705-5711, or on the internet at http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform Non-U.S. (international) vendors may also contact D&B via email at mailto:help@dnb.com Indicate that you are requesting a DUNS number to assist with eligibility for U.S. Government contracts. New DUNS numbers for U.S. vendors will be active and available for SAM registration within 1-2 business days of request; international vendors DUNS will be active and available normally within 2-5 days of request.