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Woodpecker Conservation Specialist


Tall Timbers Research Station


Tallahassee, FL


United States

Last Date to Apply:

15 Nov 2017


The Red Hills region of north Florida and southwest Georgia supports the largest population of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers supported exclusively by private lands. This grant-funded position is responsible for monitoring and expanding the Red Hills woodpecker population by 1) inventorying cavity resources in approximately 190 territories; 2) constructing artificial cavities to maintain or expand woodpecker territories; 3) monitoring territory productivity; 4) translocation of subadult woodpeckers to help maintain or expand the regional population; and 5) working with private lands enrolled in the Safe Harbor Program to stabilize/enhance woodpecker populations on private lands.


Salary Range: $34,500 to 38,500 annually


Duties: inventory approximately 190 woodpecker territories to determine current status, condition of known cavity trees, and locations of new cavity trees; install approximately 60 artificial cavities annually in territories needing additional cavity resources; monitor breeding activity and band nestlings in approximately 40 active clusters annually; help to translocate subadults to bolster/expand local populations; conduct additional cavity tree surveys on properties that may enroll in the Safe Harbor Program; and assist with prescribed burning.


Qualifications: training will be provided as needed, but preference will be given to candidates with prior experience working with Red-cockaded Woodpeckers; candidates with experience installing artificial cavities, banding nestlings, resighting color-marked individuals, and conducting prescribed burns. Candidates should have a keen interest in woodpecker ecology and conservation; working outdoors, often alone; climbing 60’ ladders; using chainsaws, gas-powered drills, GPS equipment, and hand tools; recognizing private property rights and the effects such rights may have on woodpecker conservation; knowledge of software packages such as ArcMap, Access, Excel, Trimble Pathfinder, and Avenza PDF maps. Good organizational skills are a must.


To apply, send 1) a brief cover letter describing your interest in the position and prior experience with woodpecker, 2) current CV/resume, and 3) contact information for 3 references to jcox@talltimbers.org