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PhD Fellowship- Rainforest birds in West Africa


Louisiana State University


Baton Rouge. LA


United States

Last Date to Apply:

01 Dec 2017


The LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources has a fellowship opportunity that could be available to an exceptional student to develop a dissertation project in Equatorial Guinea. The student would be advised by Phil Stouffer, with research connected to the Biodiversity Initiative (http://biodiversityinitiative.org). Details of the project are open, but the student would be expected to take advantage of existing banding and survey data from primary and secondary forest to address questions related to conservation biology of rainforest birds.


The fellowship, funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents, pays $30,000/year plus tuition. This support would permit extended stints in the field. To be competitive, a student will need an MS in hand by spring 2018, an excellent academic record, tropical fieldwork experience, and willingness to seek out small grants to support fieldwork. Workable Spanish would also be helpful. The student must be a US citizen or permanent resident.


A main goal of this program is to increase graduate opportunities for underrepresented groups. I would welcome the chance to endorse a strong candidate from a group that is underrepresented in natural resources and ornithology. As part of the application, the candidate will include a statement describing their commitment to increasing inclusion and diversity in ornithology.


For more information, see http://www.rnr.lsu.e...r/studentad.htm, then contact Phil Stouffer (pstouffer at LSU.edu).