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  • Postdoc: Changing seasonality of vegetation and birds in the Greater Cape Floristic Region

    Melanie Colón
    • Employer: University of Cape Tow
      Location: Greater Cape Floristic Region
      Country: South Africa
      Last Date to Apply: 06/01/2018
      Open Until Filled: No
    We seek several PhD students, a postdoc and a research technician to join 
    our newly funded “Seasonality in the Cape” project exploring the impacts of 
    changes in rainfall seasonality on vegetation and birds in the global 
    biodiversity hotspot of the Greater Cape Floristic Region (GCFR) of South 
    Africa. Changes in seasonality of rainfall might have profound impacts for 
    this highly diverse and endemic vegetation in the only winter-rainfall 
    dominated region of sub-Saharan Africa.
    Our project will combine large-scale outdoor experiments with remote-sensing 
    and citizen science data across the GCFR to tackle this issue. Opportunity 
    exists for the development of key skills in: field experimental approaches, 
    collecting and analyzing physiological, demographic and community data, 
    ecological remote sensing and data analysis.  All student positions start 1 
    July 2018 and the post-doc and technician position 1 June 2018.
    For more information please visit: http://www.seec.uct.ac.za/news/positions-available-our-seasonality-cape-project

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