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  • Wildlife Specialist

    Melanie Colón
    • Employer: USFWS
      Location: various
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: 06/08/2018
      Open Until Filled: No

    Attached is a job announcement for the Wildlife Services program, which will be hiring 38 wildlife specialist positions to fill NTE 12-month vacancies in 12 eastern states, including Louisiana.  The person selected for each job will assist with various duties related to overall Program objectives and goals specified at the state level, and may include work with feral swine, urban wildlife, aquatic rodents, and others. Applicants who apply for this job should have a strong work ethic; be able to follow instructions; be willing to work independently and alone, often during inclement weather and at night; be willing to work in highly secured environments; have strong verbal, written and interpersonal communications skills; and, have ability to, use specialized equipment, that may include capture and scaring devices, firearms; ATV’s; marine craft, and computers. Additionally, incumbent will be required to maintain work diaries, electronic data, field equipment, and vehicles.

     Because of the firearms-use requirement and need to work in restricted working environments, incumbent will be subject to a detailed background check and drug testing. Incumbent will be required to obtain mandatory job-related certifications (e.g., firearms qualification training, airfield operations, etc.) identified at start of work.  These positions are temporary, 13-month appointments subject to annual renewal. Also, positions do not convey any special competitive status in future job searches.


    The attached general vacancy announcement for all aforementioned positions include full instructions for applying.  Note that this announcement is only open for 5 days, beginning June 4,2018, and closing June 8, 2018. Applications should be sent to the POC at the State office handling the position (e.g.,  the Florida State office POC gets applications for Florida positions, Louisiana State office for Louisiana positions, etc.) The POC’s and addresses for these offices are listed in the 2nd attachment to this email. Applications should be postmarked no later than the specified closing date. Missing or erroneous information may disqualify applicants from further consideration. Please provide transcripts if using education in lieu of experience.  Note, also, that no moving expenses will be provided.


    Please post this announcement in an appropriate location and distribute to interested employees/students/ persons if you can.


    Please email/call if you have any questions. This announcement is being distributed widely to a number of individual, university, and state/federal government recipients. It has also been distributed internally within our Program.  We hope to have someone hired as soon as possible after applications can be reviewed.


    USDA is an equal opportunity employer


    POC-Contact Office3JM POC List 5-23-18 Updated.docx

    V-Announcement Exc Svc Vac Batch Draft 5-18.docx

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