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  • Ph.D. position in avian conservation ecology at the University of Utah

    • Employer: University of Utah
      Location: Salt Lake City
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: 01/02/2019
      Open Until Filled: No

    A Ph.D. position in avian conservation ecology is available in the Şekercioğlu Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology lab, Department of Biology, University of Utah for highly-motivated biologists experienced in working independently. The application deadline is January 3, 2019 and there is no application fee. Prospective applicants should visit our lab website http://sekercioglu.biology.utah.edu/ and read some of our papers on https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Cagan_Sekercioglu before emailing c.s@utah.edu.

    The Ph.D. student will be expected to undertake population biology and conservation ecology analyses on our long-term bird banding datasets from Ethiopia, Turkey, and Utah, and to lead bird banding at some of these locations. Having extensive field experience and a bird banding license will be a plus, but not required. There will also be opportunities for conducting avian macroecology, conservation, biogeography, life history, and evolutionary meta-analyses based on our global bird database, covering all the world's bird species and updated continuously.

    The University of Utah Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology program provides five years of Ph.D. funding and has strengths in various fields. Our Global Change & Ecosystem Center provides opportunities for broad interdisciplinary research, education and outreach.


    Students are encouraged to seek external Ph.D. funding opportunities such as NSF Graduate Fellowships or EPA-STAR Fellowships, and will have much better chances of acceptance with one. 

    Çağan Şekercioğlu

    Associate Professor
    University of Utah
    Department of Biology
    257 S. 1400 E. Rm. 201
    Salt Lake City, UT. 84112
    *Email: c.s@utah.edu*

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