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    Assistant Professor - GIS in Natural Resources and the Environment

    • Employer: University of Rhode Island
      Location: Kingston RI
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: No value
      Open Until Filled: Yes


    Establish a vibrant research program supported by extramural funding that uses contemporary GIS to explore and solve applied problems in natural resources and the environment.

    Develop a sustained record of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

    Teach core courses in GIS for undergraduates and graduate students, including a concepts course (co-taught in Fall with Remote Sensing faculty), a fundamentals course focused on the use and application of GIS techniques (lab course taught in both Fall and Spring semesters) and a graduate-level GIS course (offered in Spring) that builds advanced analytical skills. These courses support undergraduate and graduate programs, including a Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing.

    Provide advising and research mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students.

    Serve as co-director of the Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing.

    As with all tenure track appointments, duties include outreach and service activities and governance within the Department, College, University, and broader scholarly community.

    Division of major responsibilities is 45% teaching, 45% research, 10% service at initial appointment.



    1. Ph.D. in natural resources and/or environmental science, physical geography, wildlife management, landscape ecology, conservation biology, water resources, forestry or other closely related fields (degree in hand at time of appointment).

    2. Demonstrated expertise using GIS to address issues in natural resources and the environment.

    3. Evidence of coursework in and related to GIS.

    4. Demonstrated record of scholarly achievement as shown by (a) publications related to GIS in peer-reviewed journals, and (b) presentations at scientific meetings.

    5. Evidence in using and teaching ArcGIS software.

    6. Evidence in using Python coding.

    7. Demonstrated proficiency in interpersonal skills.

    8. Demonstrated proficiency in oral communications skills in English.

    9. Demonstrated proficiency in written communications skills in English.

    10. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.


    1. Experience with the use of web-GIS for communicating geospatial science and applications to diverse audiences.

    2. Experience with unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

    3. Demonstrated active participation in collaborative research.

    4. Success in obtaining funding through competitive grant programs (including graduate or postdoctoral fellowships and grants).

    5. Experience as instructor of GIS courses.

    6. Record of scholarly achievement as shown by honors and/or awards.

    7. Expertise making research findings accessible to a broad audience through outreach, social media, and other mixed media outlets.

    8. Demonstrated commitment to participate in professional service and outreach as shown by participation in committees, organizations, or other activity.

    for a link to the posting see http://jobs.uri.edu/postings/4226

    Please note: Job applications must be submitted directly online only at: (https://jobs.uri.edu)

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