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This group is dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping others in using R for Ornithology Research.

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  2. Auriel Fournier

    Sharing teaching resources

    We are working on putting together a blog post for the ROpenSci blog that will better outline the community we want to create, I'll be sure to post a link here when it goes live [might be a few weeks]. Glad to hear about github classroom, I've not used it myself but it sounds really powerful. Certainly a great skillset to give to students.
  3. Chris Merkord

    Sharing teaching resources

    Sounds great! I want to get involved but don't know how... I didn't see any links to a discussion forum or email list and no issues on that repo. As a side note, I used GitHub Classroom last semester for my R class Quantitative Biology. Students generally liked learning Git and using GitHub, and appreciated the many advantages that method of collaboration had to offer.
  4. Michael Hallworth taught some amazing spatial R lessons at the last AOS meeting. Its all available here, do check it out!
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm one of the folks who tweets on behalf of the Wilson Ornithological Society. My job specifically is to tweet 4 times a year about the new articles that come out in each new issue off the Wilson Journal of Ornithology. In the past this took ~8 hours an issue, with lots of copying and pasting and scheduling tweets by hand. Which was not the funnest thing in the world. So over the past few months I've been working on automating as much of this as possible in R. Its now detailed here in this github repo. https://github.com/aurielfournier/wilson_ornithological_society_tweets Happy to answer any questions folks have, or hear any areas I could improve this. This is the first I've done any web scraping, and am keen to learn more!
  6. A few of us in ROpenSci are working on creating a new package `dataspice` that will add the glorious spice of metadata to your existing datasets. It is still in development, but we'd love feedback. We're also building some Shiny apps to help folks enter meta data details. https://github.com/ropenscilabs/dataspice
  7. Auriel Fournier

    Sharing teaching resources

    Hello Everyone. I had the great chance to attend the ROpenSci 'unconference' this past week and one product to come out of that was a science education group around R, with the goal of sharing teaching resources. More details here - https://github.com/ropenscilabs/rOpenSciEd
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