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    Sound Approach Bird Fund


    • Is Bird-specific?
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    • Organization
    • Award Amount
      up to £10,000
    • Eligible Recipients
      , Organizations/Governments,
    • Purpose
      , Research, Conservation/Management, Outreach,
    • Application Deadline(s)
      , Continuous,

    The Sound Approach Bird Fund offers funding up to £10,000 to bird conservation projects around the world. We're looking for projects that will have a significant conservation benefit, making a real impact on the survival of threatened species1, for example:-

    • Research projects that aim to identify threats to bird populations;

    • Projects which aim to eradicate or minimise identified threats;

    • Practical projects to protect and assist endangered birds, such as safeguarding sites,

    habitat restoration etc;

    • Surveys and other investigative work to assess the status of threatened species and

    identify new species;

    • Campaigns and outreach work to address the impact of human activity on birds,

    particularly relating to habitat destruction from industrial developments and hunting;

    • Projects which raise awareness of bird conservation issues, for example through

    community work, schools, local decision-making or land-management organisations etc.


    • We do not fund student expeditions or projects that contribute towards an academic qualification;

    • We do not support culling of birds or other animals for conservation or any other purposes;

    • We do not support market-based solutions to climate change and biodiversity conservation such as the Clean Development Mechanism and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD).

    • We ask that those who receive grants to provide a short project report immediately after completion of the project.


    There are no deadlines; applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We aim to get a decision to you within 2 months of your application. For an application form please email birdfund@soundapproach.co.uk.



    Melanie Colón
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