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    SJV Awards Program


    Awards Program Objective

    The Sonoran Joint Venture (SJV) Awards Program supports the investigation and conservation of birds and their habitats within SJV boundaries by providing funds through a competitive program.


    Project Eligibility

    Proposals for projects that support the SJV mission and objectives are eligible for funding. This includes: habitat management, research, monitoring, education, community involvement, outreach, planning, ecotourism, and professional training.


    Available Funding

    The amount of funding available each year varies based on contributions from Congressional appropriations and partners. SJV Awards range from $5,000-$10,000. Proposals with budget requests that exceed $10,000 will not be considered, although we will maintain the proposal on file in the event that an appropriate funding opportunity arises.


    General Project Considerations

    In order to be considered for funding proposals must (required):


    Address the bird conservation goals, objectives, and recommendations of the SJV Bird Conservation Plan or Waterfowl Management Supplement. Refer to the priority birds in the SJV Conservation Plan and the specific 2013 Awards Program Funding Priorities for more information.

    Have budgets of $10,000 or less.

    Focus on work conducted in or having a direct impact on birds and habitats of the SJV region.

    Include the submission of all resulting data to the Avian Knowledge Network and/or eBird/aVerAves.

    Include a dissemination plan that describes how you will share the results of this project and how those results will support and be used for conservation.

    Follow the described format.

    Include a complete set of all required forms, correctly completed.

    Be submitted via the SJV website (preferred) or Grants.gov.

    Come from an applicant in good standing (i.e., no outstanding reports for projects from previous years).

    Proposals should (recommended):


    Be habitat-oriented.

    Have funds leveraged and/or in-kind contributions.

    Minimize overhead/administrative costs (

    Have binational cooperation and involvement.

    Address threats that affect distribution and abundance of priority species and habitats.

    Address multiple species. However, we do encourage single species projects that address a specific SJV objective.

    Address multiple SJV goals, especially in the areas of habitat, monitoring, research, education, outreach, planning, birding ecotourism, involvement of indigenous or local communities, and/or professional training;

    Focus on monitoring work that is part of a long-term project or is part of a Coordinated Bird Monitoring project.

    Be a segment of consensus-built larger project.

    Demonstrate a high likelihood of success.

    Involve partnerships. New partnerships, as well as nontraditional partners, are especially encouraged. Partners may include those contributing funds, in-kind services, land base, technical assistance, coordination, etc.

    Melanie Colón
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