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    MOS Avian Research Grants


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      , Undergraduate Students, Masters Students, Doctoral Students, Postdoctoral, Early Professionals, Established Professionals, Non-Professionals, Organizations/Governments,
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      , June, December,

    The Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS) annually awards a number of research grants to encourage the study of birds in Maryland.


    MOS research grants encourage ecological and conservation research on birds in Maryland. Graduate school projects, projects which involve volunteers, and proposals which are not normally funded through traditional academic, governmental or professional sources are of most interest. Applications for projects which are funded from a variety of sources are strongly encouraged, but grants are open to all levels of researchers from amateurs to graduate students to professionals.


    Proposals are accepted throughout the year, but reviewed only twice annually. To meet review deadlines, proposals must be submitted by December 1 or June 1. Selections will be made by February 1 or August 1, depending upon the review period, and announced shortly thereafter. Late or time sensitive proposals are eligible for unawarded funds, if any, or at the discretion of the chair, may be considered along with new proposals at the next formal review session.


    The number of grants awarded varies each year depending upon the number of entries and the amount of the available grants. The combined value of all grants seldom exceeds $3,000, but individual grants may range from a few hundred, up to one or two thousand dollars. Well presented multi-year requests may be considered.


    Grants support relatively modest requests to defray the expense of short-life items such as expendable equipment, travel, food, lodging, communications costs, laboratory costs, etc., and are usually awarded to individuals. Grants are not intended for major expenses, such as capital equipment (binoculars), student stipends or administrative overhead. Any long-life equipment approved for purchase with the grant must be turned over to a public sector custodian upon completion of the study. Grants may not be used for studies already completed, or to replace funds promised to a researcher.

    Melanie Colón
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