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    Georgian Ornithological Society Opportunity Grant


    • Is Bird-specific?
    • Website
    • Organization
    • Award Amount
      up to $5000
    • Eligible Recipients
      Undergraduate Students, Masters Students, Doctoral Students, Postdoctoral, Early Professionals, Established Professionals, Non-Professionals, Organizations/Governments
    • Purpose
      Research, Meeting Attendance, Conservation/Management, Organizational Capacity Building
    • Location
      North America
    • Application Deadline(s)

    We realize that there may be other financial needs for research, special birding programs, conservation projects, etc. that do not fall within the criteria of the above grants. GOS has therefore created an OPPORTUNITY FUND to handle special requests.


    This Fund is available to individuals as well as organizations.


    Application content should pertain to one of the following types of projects or programs: 1) Research with a clear conservation purpose; 2) Conservation projects such as habitat enhancement; and 3) Public education efforts with a bird or bird habitat conservation theme. These grants are intended to support small-scale projects, and the goals of the applications for these grants, as well as the potential benefits to Georgia's birds, should be readily apparent to the reviewing committee.

    Edited by Melanie Colón

    Melanie Colón
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