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    Blake-Nuttall Fund Grant


    Grants support ornithological research, conservation, and education, with particular emphasis on the birds of New England and the Northeast. The Fund supports grants for research, publication, education, and other worthy ornithology-related efforts.


    1. Applying organizations must be tax-exempt under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and must not be private foundations under section 509(a). Applications from individuals are not considered.


    2. Send three electronic copies, one to the Blake-Nuttall Fund Committee Chair and one to each committee member, of a brief proposal in the following format:


    A) Title page: project title and brief abstract; name, address and phone number; proposed starting and completion dates; total amount requested from the Blake-Nuttall Fund.


    B) Narrative of up to 5 pages including a) objectives, b) brief review of what is already known or has already been done, c) project methods, d) value of the project to ornithology, e) project timetable, including a submission date for the final report, f) detailed budget, including funds applied for or expected from other sources.


    C) Brief statement of investigator qualifications and a resume.


    D) Documentary evidence of section 501©(3) tax-exempt status.

    3. Grants are awarded on an annual basis from total available funds. The total available money varies annually, but rarely is below $15,000 per year. Proposals may request up to that entire amount. Applications for projects expected to last more than one year are considered, but no commitment beyond the funds available in the present year is made.

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    Melanie Colón
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