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    AOS International Grants


    The AOS International Grants program supports Latin American students enrolled in Latin American universities. Current emphasis is on supporting and training students engaged in benchmark surveys of Neotropical bird communities.


    Goal: We provide support to Latin American students to complete benchmark surveys of bird communities in Latin America. Benchmark surveys have the purpose of establishing baseline information on the richness and abundance of birds in Neotropical locations during this dynamic time in history. As climate and land-use patterns change, our understanding of how Neotropical birds respond to such changes will be facilitated by establishment of a network of well-studied reference sites. The AOS International Committee will award one or more grants per year for baseline studies of Neotropical bird communities that build on the foundation established by publications such as Terborgh et al. (1990), Robinson et al. (2000), Blake and Loiselle (2001), Blake (2007), and Johnson et al. (2011). Awards will be made to one or more graduate, or advanced undergraduate, students from any country in Latin America and the Caribbean (the “Neotropical Region’” as broadly defined by the Neotropical Ornithological Society). Awards will be competitive and are expected to be in the range of $1000-$2000.


    Eligibility: Students (graduate or advanced undergraduate) from Latin America and the Caribbean enrolled in a degree program at an institution in the Neotropical Region are eligible to apply. Students enrolled in institutions from outside the region are ineligible for funding.


    Use of Funds: Funds are to be used for research-related expenses including supplies, travel, and living expenses related to field work, etc. Grant monies will not cover salaries, stipends, travel to meetings, routine living expenses, overhead or indirect costs to the educational institution.

    Melanie Colón
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