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    ABSA Fund for Avian Research


    The Australian Bird Study Association Inc. operates a fund to provide financial assistance to ornithological researchers, both amateur and professional. This fund, known as the ABSA Fund for Avian Research (FAR), comprises a special deposit account that was established from donations made to the Association to support research on Australian native birds.

    The total amount available for grants in any year is limited to the interest earned on the FAR account over the preceding year. The total value of annual grants will not normally exceed $2,000 and is intended to provide researchers with assistance in the acquisition of research equipment and/or travel within Australia.

    In awarding grants, the management committee of the Australian Bird Study Association will assess the quality of the project; the applicant’s ability to carry it out; a realistic costing and timetable; and the likelihood that successful completion of the research will lead to publication of the results.

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    Melanie Colón
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