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Bob Curry

WOS Student Presentation Awards 2013

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The Wilson Ornithological Society is pleased to announce the winners of Student Presentation Awards from the 125th Anniversary meeting, held 8 - 9 March 2013 at the College of William & Mary.



Alexander Wilson Award for Best Paper:  
Dan Baldassarre, Cornell University
Olga Milenkaya, Virginia Tech University
Lynds Jones Award for Best Poster:
Jessica Benson, College of William & Mary
Nancy Klamm Undergraduate Oral Presentation Award:
Rachel Hebert, Towson University
Felicia Napolillo, Towson University
Nancy Klamm Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award:
Oliver Muellerklein, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Congratulations to these award winners, and to all of the nearly 90 student who gave award-eligble papers!
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And let it be known by all that Rachel Hebert and Felicia Napolillo gave their talks immediately after the plenary talk given by Peter and Rosemary Grant ... what an incredible way to start your career!

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