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Hi Chris,

It would be nice if users could post comments under job postings so people could know the status of ongoing job searches. For example, if I received a phone interview request I could note that under a posting and other applicants could then update their job search notes accordingly. It may be best if the comments are anonymous, but I'm not sure.





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Good idea. I just turned on the commenting system for jobs, so we'll see how it goes.


I made it possible for Guests (those who are not signed in) to comment, after entering a reCaptcha anyway. But that's still not enough spam prevention because some bots are smart enough to beat reCaptcha and we could even get somebody post an inane comment for some other reason, so I am going to require moderator approval of the comments for now. Of course you can always sign in to leave comments, too, which is nice if you want people to know.

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OK so we were getting too many spam comments after turning on commenting for Guests. I've turned that off again, but of course members can still comment on job posts if they are signed in, no moderator approval needed.

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