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E. Alexander Bergstrom Memorial Research Awards

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E. Alexander Bergstrom (1919-1973) was Vice-President of the Northeastern Bird-Banding Association (now the Association of Field Ornithologists) and the Editor of Bird-Banding (now the Journal of Field Ornithology) for 21 years. These awards honor his memory and dedication to bird research. The purpose of the award is to promote field studies of birds by helping to support a specific research or analysis project. In judging among proposals of equal quality, special consideration will be given to those that: 1) focus on avian life history, 2) use data collected all or in part by non-professionals and/or 3) employ banding or other marking techniques. Research in both the U.S./Canada and Latin America is supported.


If possible, awardees, especially those from the U.S. and Canada, are expected to present the results of their research at an annual meeting of the Association of Field Ornithologists. All awardees are also encouraged to consider publishing some of their findings in the Journal of Field Ornithology.


Eligibility: The applicant and/or their primary research supervisor must be a member of the Association of Field Ornithologists prior to the application deadline. To become a member, please visit http://www.osnabirds.org/

U.S./Canada awards are aimed at people beginning their research or those with limited or no access to major funding. They are restricted to non-professionals, undergraduates, and Masters degree candidates working in the United States or Canada. Ph.D. students studying at U.S. and Canadian institutions, regardless of their nationality or geographic region of investigation, are NOT eligible to receive a Bergstrom Research Award.


Latin American awards are restricted to individuals based AT Latin American institutions (individuals from Latin American that are studying or working at a U.S. or Canadian institution are eligible for U.S./Canada awards only). Non-professionals, undergraduates, Masters and Ph.D. candidates are all eligible for the Latin American competition.


Frequency and value: Approximately five awards (maximum $1000 US each) are made to applicants working in the U.S. or Canada annually. Approximately three awards (maximum $1500 US each) are made to applicants based in Latin America. Individuals can request to receive AFO mist nets or other banding supplies in lieu of a cash award, or as a portion of the award. A list of supplies available can be found at: http://catalog.manomet.org/catalog/cart.cgi


Applying for an award: U.S./Canada applications should be submitted in English. Latin American applications may be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Application requirements are described in detail in the Bergstrom Award Application Form available at: http://www.afonet.org/grants/Bergstrom/Bergstrom.html


Deadlines for receipt of applications: Awards will next be made in 2012. U.S./Canada applications are due 7 January 2012. Latin American applications are due 15 July 2012.


Please email any questions you may have about the awards or application process to Andrew Farnsworth af27@cornell.edu.

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