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NOC Proceedings available


Hardcopies of three NOCs (2003, 2007, 2011) are available for the cost of postage.

Contact Jack Eitniear email: jclintoneitniear@gmail.com for details on the cost of postage to your address.


 This totals 1585 pages dealing with 146 papers that are not available on the internet.


Proceedings of the VII Neotropical Ornithological Congress

Termas de Puyehue- Chile, 5-11 October 2003

Edited by Raymond McNeil and Ivan Lazo

47 papers, 488 pages


Proceedings of the VIII Neotropical Ornithological Congress

Maturin-Venezuela,13-19 May 2007

Edited by Raymond McNeil

60 papers, 657 pages


Proceedings of the IX Neotropical Ornithological Congress

Cusco-Peru, 6-14 November 2011

Edited by Jack Clinton Eitniear

39 papers, 440 pages


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