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FlightR Troubleshooting


Hello all,


I am having an issue generating the prerun object for FlightR analyses.


The first signs of trouble occur when running "make.calibration", I get the following warnings:

[68] WARNING: Warning in log(cur.slope$slope) : NaNs produced
Warning in log(All.slopes$Slopes$Slope) : NaNs produced
Then, when attempting to generate the prerun object, I get: 
[69] ERROR: invalid subscript type 'list'
Given the error, I assume this is something silly, but I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone could provide. 
Here is the last line of code:
Thank you!
Andy Boyce

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Here is the code leading up to the error(s):


write.csv(fr, file = "tags_data.csv")
        lon=-108.23, lat=37.58) 
#use c() also for the geographic coordinates, -108.23, 37.58 
#if you have more than one calibration location
# (e. g.,  lon=c(5.43, 6.00), lat=c(52.93,52.94))
plot_slopes_by_location(Proc.data=Proc.data, location=c(-108.23, 37.58))
   distance.from.land.allowed.to.use=c(-Inf, Inf),
   distance.from.land.allowed.to.stay=c(-Inf, Inf))

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 Hi Andy,

 Could you please save image and send it to me? I will have a look then, Should be something simple, but I do not see it from the code.



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  That was not an easy one. You had NAs in gl_twl, so somehow you created them there...

 I have updated FLightR, so now it will recognise the issue and will warn you at the import functions. The latest version is on GitHub.

  Hope it helps

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