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Sue Haig

Update on Society for Ornithology, April 2012

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Several societies have joined the AOU effort to form the Society for Ornithology. During a meeting of the AOU Council in Dallas this past February that included presidents of the other ornithological societies in the Americas, societies were requested to indicate an interest to further plan SFO by 15 April. As a result, the Cooper Ornithological Society, Association of Field Ornithologists, and Waterbird Society have joined the AOU in planning efforts between now and the NAOC in August. Planning is being divided into three committees: governance and management, publications, and finances. Participation in planning does not indicate a commitment to join SFO. Rather, it indicates an interest to develop the society.


There will be several opportunities for interested ornithologists to hear presentations and voice support or concern for SFO at the NAOC. Thus, please be sure to come to Vancouver.


Follow the ongoing Society for Ornithology discussions

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