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Bob Curry

New editor, Wilson Journal of Ornithology

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Members of WOS Council are very pleased to announce that they have elected Dr. Mary Bomberger Brown to serve as the next Editor of the Wilson Journal of Ornithology.


Dr. Bomberger Brown will begin service on 1 July 2012, and will take responsibility for content of the journal beginning with volume 125 (2013). She will take over from the capable leadership of current WJO Editor Dr. Clait Braun, who will retain responsibility for volume 124 (2012).


Dr. Bomberger Brown will become the first woman to serve as Editor of any of the primary journals of the major North American ornithological societies, following Dr. Mercedes Foster (former Editor of Ornithological Monographs) as only the second woman to take a lead editorial role within those same societies.




Several people have pointed out that Dr. Cheryl Dykstra has capably served as Editor for many years of the Journal of Raptor Research. We join other ornithologists in celebrating Dr. Dykstra's role as the female editor of this major publication of the Raptor Research Foundation, an organization of international scope that extends beyond North America.

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