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Ellen Paul

Article calling for end to bird banding rebutted by Ornithological Council and North American Banding Council

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Those of you who are members of The Wildlife Society or who read The Wildlife Professional know that the publication ran an opinion piece in the Winter 2011 issue calling for an end to bird banding.


The Ornithological Council and the North American Banding Council teamed up with expert banders such as Scott and Sue Finnegan and ornithologists Alex Bond and Jeff Stratford to submit a rebuttal. The Wildlife Professional published that rebuttal in its spring 2012 issue.


A copy of the rebuttal is attached to this post.


We hope that none of you will have problems with your IACUCs as a result of this unfortunate article. However, if your IACUC should ask you to address it, or should raise it in discussing your protocol:


a) please let the Ornithological Council know ASAP

b) please provide them with a copy of this rebuttal


They need to know that the author had no banding experience, had no scientific credentials, and it should be evident from the article itself that she relied on popular literature that was not peer-reviewed, that oversimplified or exaggerated the facts - and in one egregious case, actually misstated the science. And that the problems that have been reported regarding specific kinds of markers have been identified by researchers who then went on to correct those problems.


Ellen Paul

Executive Director

Ornithological Council

e-mail: ellen.paul@verizon.net

Call for Retraction.pdf

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