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Introduction to Bird Conservation Policy

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If you're interested in understanding bird conservation and policy making don't miss out on this opportunity to hear from the experts at NAOC VI. 

Guest speakers include: David Blockstein, Jeffrey Walters, Al Teich, Cameron Kovach, Ellen Paul, and Julie Palakovich Carr.

This is a FREE workshop (sponsored by NAOC societies), held Tuesday 9:00-12:00. 




I. How do scientists know what to say? (1 hr)

1.                Talk: David Blockstein (NCSE)

2.                Talk: Jeffrey Walters (Virginia Tech)

3.                Panel (15 min)                        

4.                Audience Q/A (15 min)


II. What individuals can do (45 min)

1.                Talk: Al Teich (AAAS)

2.                Talk: Cameron Kovach (TWS)

3.                Panel (15 min)

4.                Audience Q/A (15 min)


III. Nuts and Bolts (1 hr)

1.                Talk on regulatory: Ellen Paul (Ornithological Council)

2.                Talk on legislative: Julie Palakovich Carr (AIBS)

3.                Panel (15 min)

4.                Audience Q/A (15 min)

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