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Bob Beason

WOS' role in the Society for Ornithology

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The following repeats a comment I made on the AOU forum about SFO:


In the "Vision" document, the Outreach sub-committee recommends "reevaluation of the need for an Ornithological Council." However, I think that many ornithologists will agree that the many valuable functions and services of the existing Ornithological Council should continue if and when the SFO comes into existence.


I have two suggestions about how to we might do this:


(1) Add another staff position to the SFO management structure that is equivalent in qualifications and duties to the current OC Executive Director position. (This option would be appropriate if the majority of 12 current OC member societies join the SFO, in which case the current representational structure of OC would no longer be tenable.)




(2) Include full continued support for OC in its current form, including overall funding from SFO equivalent to (or greater than) the current levels now contributed separately by the various societies that may merge within SFO.


~ Bob Curry, Vice-Chair, Ornithological Council

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