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Chris Merkord

Outcome of AOU Mid-Year Council Meeting

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Dear AOU Member:


The AOU Council, including the former AOU presidents and presidents of six other societies (two additional societies had problems getting their representatives to the meeting), recently met in Dallas to discuss the future of ornithology in the western hemisphere. The summary below represents a statement agreed upon by all attending societies and outlines the plan for development of the Society for Ornithology between now and the NAOC.


To be clear, no decisions have been made as to the formal establishment of SFO. Rather, we agreed to further explore the possibility. An SFO plan, revised with comments from the Dallas meeting, will be available for comment in mid-March. I will be back in touch with you at that point with instructions for posting comments and questions.


In the meantime, please bear with us as we sort through the various options for our future. Thanks so much for your interest in this endeavor.




John Faaborg


American Ornithologists' Union

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The 15 April deadline for societies to declare if they are interested in participating in SFO planning just passed. Most of us assume that AOU is participating. Could we know who the Union's representatives will be, so members can contact them with comments?





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