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Radar Ornithology Workshop at the 2015 AOU/COS Conference

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Sorry to bogart the forum, but I wanted to make another plug for a workshop at AOU/COS 2015.


Jeff Buler is leading an all-star cast* in a RADAR ORNITHOLOGY workshop. There is a 20+ year archive of Nexrad radar data just sitting there at the National Severe Storms Lab. This archive could be a tremendous resource for examining regional- to continental-scale phenomena relating to birds aloft. There are about 10 people in the country who have the knowhow to use these data to their fullest, and more than half of them are going to be in the same room to share their methods with the rest of the ornithology community. The techniques they will impart and the software they will give away could be a major addition to your analysis toolbox.


More info and a link to sign up are here: http://aoucos2015.ou.edu/?page_id=1030


* Robert Diehl, Jaci Smolinsky, Kyle Horton, Dan Sheldon, and Andrew Farnsworth


P.S. We have lots of cool radar stuff here at OU too.

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