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Conference: Ecology and Evolution of Lice

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Conference: Ecology and Evolution of lice


The 5th International Conference on Phthiraptera (ICP5) will showcase the latest research on parasitic lice and louse-borne pathogens and endosymbionts.  All aspects of theory, principles, methodology, and practice will be addressed.  


The conference will be held August 2-7th at Canyons Resort in Park City Utah, USA. 


For more info visit the ICP5 conference website at:   http://www.conferences.utah.edu/icp5/index.html  


The deadline for abstracts and early registration is May 1st, 2014.  

Students and postdocs are invited to apply for financial assistance.  For more info visit the “Student/Postdoc” tab on the conference website.  Application deadline for financial assistance: May 1st, 2014.

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