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  1. Long Point Bird Observatory Instructional Video - How to tie a mist net pole

    The Long Point Bird Observatory has begun to develop a series of short instructional videos covering basic to advanced aspects of bird monitoring. I'll post them here as more are developed and/or changes are made, and I will post a permanent location at a later date. For now they are hidden from public viewing, but feel free to circulate widely to anyone that would benefit.

    The first installment of the LPBO Technical series tackles the very simple but integral skill of tying a mist net pole. There are of course many ways to tie a net pole, but this video shows a method used for decades at LPBO. I'm still not entirely sure of the exact origin or designer of the knot and I'm sure other variations exist. Enjoy and comments are welcome.


    Safe and productive banding.


    Stuart A. Mackenzie
    LPBO Program Coordinator
    Long Point Bird Observatory - Bird Studies Canada/Etudes d'Oiseaux
    Canada PO Box 160, 115 Front Rd. Port Rowan, Ontario. N0E 1M0.
    Office:(519)-586-3531 X 162
    Old Cut:586-2885
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    • Jul 17 2012 09:30 PM
    • by Stu Mackenzie