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Help Topic: First Steps for New Members

If you have recently joined the Ornithology Exchange and are wondering what to do next, we suggest the following:

  1. Change your Display Name. By default, your Display name is the same as the Username you use to log in. Most members opt to change their Display Name to their real name, e.g. John J. Audubon, so colleagues can find them in the member list and identify them when they post.
  2. Customize your profile. Consider adding a photo, editing your About Me page, and putting in a location. All of these things help your colleagues get to know you. You can also add a signature to appear at the bottom of each of your posts.
  3. Sign up for notifications. Browse the site to familiarize yourself with the various forums, articles, blogs, downloads, image galleries, and other resources available to you. Whenever you see a forum, article category, or other item that interests you, click the Follow This button to sign up for notifications. You can opt to receive notifications via email or our Instant Messenger. Email notifications can be immediately when new items are posted, or you can get a daily or weekly digest.
  4. Post a topic in the forums. If you're not sure which forum to use, try the Community Topics forum to start with.