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Help Topic: Join or Renew a Society Membership

Full access to features and content on the Ornithology Exchange is granted to all members of the participating ornithological societies and organizations.

For more information see the Help Topic: Membership FAQ.

For information about membership rates or to join a society or to renew your membership, follow the links below to the membership page of each of the societies participating in the Ornithology Exchange.

American Ornithological Society
Association of Field Ornithologists
Neotropical Ornithological Society
North American Crane Working Group
Raptor Research Foundation
Society of Canadian Ornithologists / Société des Ornithologistes du Canada
Waterbird Society
Wilson Ornithological Society

The Ornithological Societies of North America (OSNA) is the joint membership and billing service of the American Ornithological Society, Association of Field Ornithologists, Raptor Research Foundation, Waterbird Society, and Wilson Ornithological Society. The links above will take you to each society's membership page, or you may go directly to OSNA to join or renew.

After you have joined or renewed with one of the societies listed above, email a Site Administrator to have your Ornithology Exchange account upgraded.