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Help Topic: Moderating

Moderator Duties

The moderators' job consists of three main duties:
  1. Managing the topics and posts in their assigned forums (see Moderator Scope). This includes the following:
    1. Pinning topics which contain important content. These can be user- or moderator-created topics. Pinned topics stay at the top of the topic list in a forum.
    2. Approving posts in forums which require moderator approval, or from users who require moderator approval.
    3. Moving topics when they are started in an inappropriate forum.
    4. Closing topics so users can no longer reply to them.
    5. Deleting inappropriate topics, or editing inappropriate language if the post is otherwise useful to keep.
    6. Pruning (deleting) old topics, in forums where this is warranted.
  2. Creating, editing, and deleting Announcements.
  3. Checking reports submitted by users of of inappropriate content.

Moderator Tools
For a brief explanation of moderator tools, see the documentation provided by Invision: Moderator Scope
Supermoderators can moderate any forum on the site. Most moderators are assigned to only one or a few forums. In general, each society moderates its own discussion forums.

If this help file and the associated links do not cover something of importance to moderators on Ornithology Exchange, or if you have any questions about moderator duties or tools, contact a site administrator to request additional documentation.