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OE site usage update, Aug 2014

Posted by Chris Merkord in OE Site News, in Reports 20 August 2014 · 379 views

OE site usage update, Aug 2014 Continuing our August updates series for 2014, this blog entry summarizes recent patterns and trends in site usage. This data is useful to us at the Ornithology Exchange because it helps us understand how people arrive at the site and what they do once they get here. This data is also useful to our partner organizations because it helps them understand th...


Poster on morphometric variation of Fork-tailed Flycatchers

  Posted by Alex Jahn in TyrannusNet, 09 October 2014 · 90 views

At the recent American Ornithologists’ Union annual meeting in Colorado, Ivan Celso Carvalho (a student at the Universidade Estadual Paulista, Rio Claro, Brazil), presented a poster on the morphometric variation of wings of Fork-tailed Flycatchers (Tyrannus savana): AOU poster



Hispanic Heritage Month: The Life and Work of Louis Agassiz Fuertes

  Posted by Chris Merkord in Ornithology @ BHL, 02 October 2014 · 118 views

Louis Agassiz Fuertes. The Osprey. v. 1 (1896-97). http://biodiversityl...age/8767127 The artwork of Puerto Rican-American Louis Agassiz Fuertes has been featured a few times before on the BHL blog. His paintings are beautiful and eye-catching, and always a treat to visit. Through titles available in BHL, we can even see the evolut...


Deconstructing Defaunation

  Posted by BioDiverse Perspectives in BioDiverse Perspectives, 30 September 2014 · 100 views

Science recently released a special issue on defaunation, which spanned seven articles detailing the recent decline in animal species diversity and abundance.  Among others, the issue included two peer-reviewed articles, an opinion piece, and an analysis of national policies tied to global and local conservation strategies.  The statistics assoc...


Introducing the VertNet Norms for Data Use and Publication

  Posted by Carla Cicero in VertNet Blog, 22 September 2014 · 170 views

VertNet has just released it’s Norms for Data Use and Publication.  Soon, the VertNet norms will be published with every dataset hosted by VertNet.  All records downloaded from those hosted datasets via the data portal or VertNet APIs will be accompanied by a link to the new norms.We hope that everyone will read these norms and do the right thin...


OE Membership Update, Aug 2014

Posted by Chris Merkord in OE Site News, 04 August 2014 · 4,495 views

OE Membership Update, Aug 2014 May through July is typically our slowest time of year on the Ornithology Exchange. Many researchers and practitioners in the northern hemisphere are in the field, and many academics are not in their offices as much. As the fall season starts to pick up, along with traffic on the Ornithology Exchange, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you som...



  Posted by rcraig in Bird Conservation Research, Inc. Blog, 13 March 2014 · 744 views

Thoughts of pullorum, aspergillosus, Newcastle, avian influenza and avian cholera  filled my head as I brought four recently dead wild birds from my property to the state pathobiology lab.  Words like these strike fear into the hearts of poultry breeders, who can quickly lose their entire stock to such diseases.  



Leo Smith and Matt Davis join Ichthyology

  Posted by Town in KU Ornithology News, 23 September 2013 · 425 views

Leo Smith has joined KU as an assistant curator of ichthyology at the Biodiversity Institute and as assistant professor of systematics and evolution at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He comes to KU from the Field Museum in Chicago. Smith's research focuses on the evolutionary biology of fishes. He is interested in the large-scale phen...


What Bird Friendly Looks Like in Nicaragua

  Posted by Peter Marra in Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, 12 May 2013 · 597 views

What Bird Friendly Looks Like in Nicaragua A guest post for Earth Day from Scott Weidensaul, one of our "Voices for the Birds"
(http://www.scottweidensaul.com )



Survey about Animal Behavior Teaching Resources

  Posted by Colleen McLinn in Online Research in Biology Blog, 09 October 2012 · 553 views

The Animal Behavior Society Education Committee is working on early plans for a digital archive of teaching resources (both K-12 and college). To help in their planning, they would like to hear about ideas or resources that already exist. If you have a teaching...


Investigating little ornithological questions can lead to bigger things

  Posted by jbates in Field Museum Blog, 06 February 2012 · 494 views

Posted Image

Answering questions about birds is a gratifying part of my job as a curator.  Answering my own questions maybe even better. But there are big questions like how did bird species diversity evolve? And there are small questions like is a single...


Venezuela 2012, part 1

  Posted by Town in KU Ornithology Blog, 27 January 2012 · 8,107 views

Greetings from San Carlos del Zulia, Venezuela. I'm a bit over a week into my first expedition of the year--this one to continue our aquatic insect survey efforts in Venezuela. We've spent he last 8 days driving around the country and splashing around in various rivers and lagoons. It is hard for me to believe, but this is my 10th trip to Venezuela...


Photos of a Glow-throated Hummingbird Specimen

  Posted by Chris Merkord in Neo-Ornithology, 05 January 2011 · 94,872 views

Posted Image
George Angehr sent me photos of a a specimen of Glow-throated Hummingbird (Selasphorus ardens) from the American...

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