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New Feature: The Ornithology Exchange Funding Portal

Posted by Chris Merkord in OE Site News, in New Features 05 August 2013 · 2,711 views

New Feature: The Ornithology Exchange Funding Portal One thing graduate students, post-docs, and professionals in ornithology have in common is our fascination with birds. For many of us ornithology is both a profession and a pursuit of happiness.

Another thing we have in common is a need for research funding.

There are hundreds of grant opportunities available, but finding them can be challenging. Then t...


Colombia 2014

  Posted by Alex Jahn in TyrannusNet, 06 May 2014 · 459 views

Map of sites where different subspecies of Fork-tailed Flycatchers were seenAs part of a study on the evolution of bird migration in South America, we are studying migratory and non-migratory populations of Fork-tailed Flycatchers, both of which occur in Colombia. Two non-migratory subspecies occur Colombia: Tyrannus s. monachus occur in several...


Data Usage Reports Now Available for VertNet Data Publishers

  Posted by Carla Cicero in VertNet Blog, 05 May 2014 · 419 views

VertNet is now publishing monthly data use reports for every dataset you’ve published to our data portal.How Reporting WorksThe reports contain two main categories: statistics about searches and statistics about downloads.  Reports contain the monthly statistics for each category as well as cumulative statistics for both the calendar year and si...



  Posted by rcraig in Bird Conservation Research, Inc. Blog, 13 March 2014 · 276 views

Thoughts of pullorum, aspergillosus, Newcastle, avian influenza and avian cholera  filled my head as I brought four recently dead wild birds from my property to the state pathobiology lab.  Words like these strike fear into the hearts of poultry breeders, who can quickly lose their entire stock to such diseases.  




  Posted by BioDiverse Perspectives in BioDiverse Perspectives, 18 October 2013 · 451 views

FLUMP It’s Friday and that means that it’s time for our Friday link dump, where we highlight some recent papers (and other stuff) that we found interesting but didn’t have the time to write an entire post about. If you think there’s something we missed, or have something to say, please share in the comments section!

Samuel M. Scheiner just published a paper i...


Leo Smith and Matt Davis join Ichthyology

  Posted by Town in KU Ornithology News, 23 September 2013 · 244 views

Leo Smith has joined KU as an assistant curator of ichthyology at the Biodiversity Institute and as assistant professor of systematics and evolution at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He comes to KU from the Field Museum in Chicago. Smith's research focuses on the evolutionary biology of fishes. He is interested in the large-scale phen...


A Bookplate for the Birds

  Posted by Chris Merkord in Ornithology @ BHL, 20 June 2013 · 488 views

Swann, H. Kirke, 1871-1926. A Synopsis of the Accipitres (Diurnal Birds of Prey), Comprising Species and Subspecies Described up to 1920, with their Characters and Distribution. 2nd edition, revised and corrected throughout. London: Privately Printed for the Author, 1921-1922. 

This post originally published on the Smithsonian Collections blog,...


What Bird Friendly Looks Like in Nicaragua

  Posted by Peter Marra in Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, 12 May 2013 · 509 views

What Bird Friendly Looks Like in Nicaragua A guest post for Earth Day from Scott Weidensaul, one of our "Voices for the Birds"
(http://www.scottweidensaul.com )



Now supported: sign in via Facebook or Twitter

Posted by Chris Merkord in OE Site News, 18 April 2013 · 1,681 views

Now supported: sign in via Facebook or Twitter If any of you are like me, you have too many usernames and passwords to remember. To make it easier for existing users to sign in, or for new users to create an account, we are providing a new feature on the site. You can now sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. In addition to signing in, associating your account with a social media account als...


Survey about Animal Behavior Teaching Resources

  Posted by Colleen McLinn in Online Research in Biology Blog, 09 October 2012 · 479 views

The Animal Behavior Society Education Committee is working on early plans for a digital archive of teaching resources (both K-12 and college). To help in their planning, they would like to hear about ideas or resources that already exist. If you have a teaching...


Investigating little ornithological questions can lead to bigger things

  Posted by jbates in Field Museum Blog, 06 February 2012 · 423 views

Posted Image

Answering questions about birds is a gratifying part of my job as a curator.  Answering my own questions maybe even better. But there are big questions like how did bird species diversity evolve? And there are small questions like is a single...


Venezuela 2012, part 1

  Posted by Town in KU Ornithology Blog, 27 January 2012 · 3,448 views

Greetings from San Carlos del Zulia, Venezuela. I'm a bit over a week into my first expedition of the year--this one to continue our aquatic insect survey efforts in Venezuela. We've spent he last 8 days driving around the country and splashing around in various rivers and lagoons. It is hard for me to believe, but this is my 10th trip to Venezuela...


Photos of a Glow-throated Hummingbird Specimen

  Posted by Chris Merkord in Neo-Ornithology, 05 January 2011 · 11,407 views

Posted Image
George Angehr sent me photos of a a specimen of Glow-throated Hummingbird (Selasphorus ardens) from the American...

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