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New Feature: The Jobs Database

Posted by Chris Merkord , in New Features 21 February 2012 · 2,967 views

We are proud to announce the release of our new Ornithology Jobs database! With this new release, the Ornithology Exchange (OE) offers powerful tools for connecting employers and job-seekers while continuing to host the most comprehensive list of bird-related jobs anywhere. If you have not seen it yet, please check out the new jobs database:


How it Works

As with everything on OE, the content is user-generated. If you've got a job opening, post it today. At any time you can edit or delete job announcements you have posted. The jobs database is one of the public parts of the Ornithology Exchange website, so anyone can see the jobs and anyone who is signed in can post a job. For security reasons, jobs posted by users who are not a member of an OE-sponsoring society will not appear until a jobs moderator has approved them. Jobs will be automatically removed 6 weeks after the Last Date to Apply, or 12 weeks after the Date Added, whichever comes first.

New Features

Since its inception, OE's "jobs board"–really just a group of forums dedicated to posting job announcements–has been one of the most popular resources on the site. The forum format allowed us to get up and running quickly, but we've always had our eye on ways to improve the job-seeking (and employee-seeking) experience. After feedback from our users and weeks of effort by our development team, we think you'll enjoy the new features our Ornithology Jobs database now offers:
  • Database Format. When you browse the list of jobs by category, all the important information is condensed into a single table. Quickly read the position title, employer, location, last date to apply, and job posting date. You can sort by any field using the custom sort button, and paged viewing allows you to see the 50 most recent jobs on the first page while maintaining quick access to successively older jobs.
  • Mailing List. Sign up for the mailing list to receive email notifications of jobs. In a simple sign-up form you can choose to which email address you want notifications sent, which categories of jobs to follow, whether to receive daily or weekly updates, and whether you want your emails in HTML or plain text format. Once you have found the perfect job, unsubscribing is easy too... just enter your email address, click once, and its done!
  • RSS Feeds. Many of you like to get job updates via RSS feeds. We now offer category-specific feeds. Just click on one of the RSS icons Posted Image on the main Jobs page, or at the top of any category listing.
Retiring the Old System

The old jobs forums will be gradually phased out over the next few weeks. For now, any job posted in the new database will be automatically cross-posted in the jobs forums. Thus users who are "following" one of those forums will continue to receive notifications for now. If you are following any of those forums, please unfollow them and sign up for the new mailing list instead. After the phase-out is complete, all jobs posted in the forums will be removed permanently.

Moderators Wanted

We are looking for volunteers interested in helping us to moderate the jobs database. Duties are flexible but may include approving queued job posts, editing content to ensure formatting consistency, validating RSS feeds, and posting job announcements. Don't worry, its easier than it sounds and we will provide any training necessary. If you are interested, please contact an administrator.

Can I Tell You Something?

We would be delighted to hear anything you might like to share. Either leave your comments in the Site Feedback forum or contact an administrator directly.

Chris Merkord
Mar 19 2012 09:35 PM
This is just a quick update to let you know about some enhancements we have implemented since this blog entry was made:
  • Jobs whose closing date has passed are now marked as such. This is both on the job listing pages, and the job details pages. In the blog entry I imply that jobs will be automatically removed after a certain number of weeks. We are still working on this functionality, and in the meanwhile I would like to know what you folks think about the timing issue. Should we leave jobs up past the closing date, and if so, for how long?
  • Users can now edit and delete their own job posts. A glitch prevented this functionality before, but a helpful user caught the problem and brought it to our attention.
As always, if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact me or another Admin.

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